I am in my 60’s, have been doing Pilates for 7 years, and have taken Chanda’s Tuesday mat class since she started teaching it at Westwood Pilates. I also take mat classes with two other teachers at a different studio, and have had several mat teachers in the past, so I’ve seen a range of approaches. I really enjoy Chanda’s class. Her class is the hardest of the three that I take each week, but at the same time, it’s very approachable for beginners. Two reasons for this: first, Chanda doesn’t do the workout herself, but instead keeps close by the students, watching us and correcting form etc.; second, she always offers different versions of an exercise, modified for the individuals in the class. A special concern of Chandra’s is students with back issues; this is a great class for anyone in that category. Another plus is that she strikes a good balance between a pretty consistent classical workout, so that students know what to expect during the class, and minor variations across classes, so that it doesn’t seem “the same” all the time. I recommend Chanda’s mat class for Pilates students of all ages and levels!


Chanda’s attention, positive spirit and encouragement made me fall in love with Pilates. I was able to see my progress in every session. The slightest change in the resistance created more power in my body and strengthened my core. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to work with Chanda. She is the best instructor/trainer that I have ever had!

Melissa Lindsay Freedman, Host, Writer, Producer and Entrepreneur

Based on reviews I had read, I decided to give Westwood Pilates a shot but being a novice I was very skeptical. I initially spoke to Daniela who immediately put me at ease and suggested I work with Chanda Hinman.

I can now say that Chanda has made me fall in love with Pilates! Chanda’s such a thoughtful and attentive instructor. She remembers your previous workouts, strengths and weaknesses and custom tailors your Pilates sessions (specially important for me since I struggle with fibromyalgia) to improve your strength, posture and flexibility.

In addition to Chanda’s expertise in Pilates, she’s fun to be around as she makes every session a pleasure. Overall I’m truly glad I found this place. If you are thinking of trying Pilates, give Chanda & Westwood Pilates a call!



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I’ve been doing Pilates for over fifteen years and Chanda is simply the best instructor I’ve had.  She’s not just a good technician, she’s incredibly inspirational, and has that rare ability to communicate the purpose of each exercise so I can get the most out of it.  Since taking from Chanda, I’ve made new discoveries and mind body connections that have made my work outs not just effective, but rejuvenating and even fun.  She loves what she does and her passion is infectious.  I couldn’t recommend her more highly!



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