Regular fitness attire is perfect.  Long or cropped pants are recommended over shorts.  Full tops are recommended over half tops.  Loose fitting clothing may interfere with equipment and make it difficult to see your lines, so please wear fitted clothes.  No shoes.  Socks are optional, but bare feet or socks are recommended.  If you have long hair, please wear it up so as not to interfere with the equipment.

Sessions are 50-55 minutes.

Most ongoing sessions are scheduled two to three times weekly to maximize the benefit of the practice.  In my own practice, I see a great improvement when I practice Pilates three days a week.

Results differ from person to person, but I experienced results including the following:

(a) longer looking, leaner muscles;

(b) greater strength, especially in the core;

(c) increased flexibility;

(d) better balance;

(e) reduced body aches and pains;

(f) injury recovery and prevention;

(g) better posture;

(h) improved athletic performance in my other pursuits (primarily Circus arts);

(i) better health and fewer illnesses;

(j) a steady, healthy weight;

(k) a heightened sense of body awareness and alignment; and

(l) stress relief, a biggie for me, especially when I first started!

Muscle is an important part of the body’s structure and effective movement. Without strong muscles, compensation patterns take hold and the result for many is body aches and pains. Everyone needs strength training!

Pilates is designed to realign and strengthen the body. Results typically include a tighter, firmer physique and may include weight loss, depending on the intensity of your Pilates practice and your starting point. The addition of cardio exercise and a clean diet to your Pilates practice will assist with losing weight and better health.

Classes may have other new clients. Classes are all levels and are tailored as much as possible to the clients present on any given day.

If you have practiced Pilates before your pregnancy, continuing Pilates may be an option for you. If you are pregnant, please contact me before signing up for a class.

Very unlikely. We will assess any limitations that you may have, but Pilates is gentile, accessible and can be tailored to your individual needs and fitness goals.

No! Pilates is great for everybody, with rare exceptions. If, however, you have significant injuries, illnesses or surgeries, please contact me before signing up for class. I generally recommend a few private sessions before beginning group class (check out our Group Starter Package!), but most people are able to jump into group classes fairly quickly.

We will find the deep muscles of the core, engage with our breath, and soothe our minds through a series of classic Pilates exercises with fun variations. The Pilates practice is designed to exercise all sides of the body, rebalance and strengthen our physiques to a more lifted you. You will be instructed through every step with encouragement abound.