5 Nutrition Tips For A Healthy, Glowing Summer

You’re doing Pilates two to three times a week, stretching in the mornings and walking twice weekly. You’re even foam rolling! In short, you’ve got fitness covered. But what about the other 80% of the whole body health equation? Nutrition! Here are 5 easy to implement nutrition tips to keep your body in tip top

Pilates Versus Yoga: Why Choose?

There have been a slew of recent articles discussing the virtues of yoga versus Pilates to help people choose which of these mind body disciplines they might want to practice. Why choose? Let’s take a look at not only their differences, but how they complement one other. Read more of my Fabletics blog on this

Do You Have the “Jan-Febs?”

The Holiday parties and excitement are gone, but the short, dark days and second rounds of flu remain. Compounding the stuffy noses and sluggish days are failing New Years’ resolutions, the blur of December, and the resulting panic that 2015 is just beginning, but we’re already behind. Simply put, we’re stuck in January and we’ve

Fiji, Pilates and…Pediatric Dental Care?

I was very fortunate to spend this past Christmas and New Years in Fiji. As a Pilates instructor, I anticipated that I might be asked to teach, and was delighted to teach two classes to new friends, spanning in age from 5 to 50. The five-year-old completed a whole class! For me, the effects I

Practicing Mindfulness in Pilates

The use of “mind body” to describe fitness disciplines like Pilates and yogahas sunk into the foggy lake of clichés and lost its meaning. Mindfulness is in the moment intentional and nonjudgmental awareness. Contrary to myth, mindfulness is not about emptying the mind of all thought or trying to change your feelings; it is about

Does Pilates Cleanse the Body?

Most of us are aware of the many cleanses designed to detoxify the body through diet, but I was asked an interesting question last week - does Pilates cleanse the body? Three points came to mind. 1. The "Internal Shower" You are probably familiar with the "flushed" feeling you get when combining deep (sometimes aptly

Should I Flex My Spine?

Every once in a while, the debate about how much and whether to flex the spine resurfaces and students have questions about where Pilates fits into this discussion. In recent weeks, it has come to our attention that physical therapists have recommended that clients avoid flexing their spine, referring clients to the writings of Dr.