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Spice It Up: 3 Refreshing Infused Water Recipes

Summer is officially here! Rosé, margaritas and ice cold Coronas abound. As much as we love partaking in the season’s beverages, we’re also thinking about that new bikini we want to wear. Plus, with the extra hours of outdoor exercise and a little overindulging, hydration is as essential as SPF. Maybe your only experience with

Do You Have the “Jan-Febs?”

The Holiday parties and excitement are gone, but the short, dark days and second rounds of flu remain. Compounding the stuffy noses and sluggish days are failing New Years’ resolutions, the blur of December, and the resulting panic that 2015 is just beginning, but we’re already behind. Simply put, we’re stuck in January and we’ve

Fiji, Pilates and…Pediatric Dental Care?

I was very fortunate to spend this past Christmas and New Years in Fiji. As a Pilates instructor, I anticipated that I might be asked to teach, and was delighted to teach two classes to new friends, spanning in age from 5 to 50. The five-year-old completed a whole class! For me, the effects I

Healthy Family Holiday Traditions

If your family Holiday traditions include heaping portions of food, hours of watching football, pies, alcohol, and the resulting food coma, you’re not alone. A few years ago, my family implemented a few healthy traditions to combat heavy plates and stuffed stomachs during the Holiday Season. Read more here at the Fabletics Blog, and get

Sleep Well with a 5 Minute Meditation

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