Inner Circle Pilates ProfileHello! Welcome to the Inner Circle!

I’m Chanda Hinman. I teach Pilates to LA’s busy professionals, parents and students. For me, Pilates is about returning to the present — forgetting our mind’s machinations and improving our connection to our bodies and breath, finding strength and symmetry. After an hour in the studio, we exit into the world a bit taller, sweatier, more present and more alive.

I came to teach Pilates by way of…law school. I spent many days as a stressed to the max litigator on the verge of (or in) tears. After long work days, an hour of Pilates was my own private, safe haven. After twelve years of practicing law, the sudden loss of a close friend and a painful moment of clarity in a mini mart parking lot, something big happened – I learned to choose myself over suffering – suffering is not natural – and to never feel guilty about prioritizing my health and happiness.

As a Pilates Instructor, I want to help people commit to feeling good, more often. Through Pilates, I believe we can find our natural happiness — an inner circle of peace from the outer world.

I am a classically trained instructor, certified on all apparatus by the Equinox Pilates Institute and am PMA Certified. I am also a FABLETICS MASTER! I am excited to represent Kate Hudson‘s new brand of fitness attire with a philosophy so closely mirroring mine. Check out Fabletics here.

I am also a student of mind-body, meditation and yoga, an amateur Trapeze and Lyra artist, a skier, a vegan, a lover of the warm sun on a hot day and a cozy fire on a cold day.

Trapeze SchoolI am inspired every day by my clients’ willingness to work their bodies and spirits towards a better place. You might find amazing and beautiful qualities you never knew you had in the Inner Circle.

Join me!



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